How/Where I take my Instagram pictures and editing applications

Hey Lovvies!

Today I’m back with a new blog post on how to find the good angles and locations in Zurich to take some good quality pictures, which applications I use to make the Insta-feed look flawless and how to keep the picture resolution high.

Like you all know my Instagram is my main social media platform I use. Since I don’t own any other accounts like Twitter/Tumblr, I like to focus on my Instagram(@livhayden).


It can be really hard to keep a clean and tidy Instagram-Feed so here and Tips and Tricks I use myself:

-download Vsco for awesome filters and contrast/exposure/warmth etc. options

-try to keep your feed on colour-based (for example white/beige and grey based) The perfect application I recommend to adjust this feature is UNUMScreen Shot 2017-07-10 at 22.11.44

-don’t exaggerate the saturation or contrast, keep it natural

-variety is key: change your shooting locations and poses, post a picture of cool places or some indoor home essentials every once in a while

-stay creative and post at least every 2-6 days


Hardbrücke, Primetlwer

Shooting Locations in Zurich


Living in Zurich makes it so easy for me to take cool and creative pictures. Nearly in every corner one can find abstract buildings and cool street art. A very well-known place to shoot in Zurich is near Hardbrücke. It is a very urban area with a lot of street art and cool plain walls where you can take high quality pictures.


Some of the people in Zurich do not like the Langstrasse at all since it isn’t the most luxurious place in town, but if you walk around those tiny streets and inner yards, it is very probable that you will find places to shoot cool content.







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