It’s A Paris Thing

Hey Lovvies,

Ive been gone for a while! I’ve been travelling and enjoying life a lot lately.
In the past few weeks I’ve been so blessed to be able to travel so much. I just realized how much I like to see the world and get away for some days.

I actually went back to Spain for a week to see my cousins and family which made me increadibly happy and felt at home again (guess what, going back to Spain next week!). After that, I got the chance to go to Paris for 4 days with 3 girlfriends! It was one of the most fun and at the same time tiring trips I’ve ever went on.
We arrived on a friday around 10am,
left our bags at our Airbnb located in the Champs Elysées area (which by the way was just gooorg!) and started to explore. Ate at cute Cafes and Restaurants and lived life to the fullest!
Of course we had to do all the tourist parts and visit all the classic museums and cathedrals. We had an amazing and relaxing time. All together, we had a blast!
(Ps: Stay tuned. Next post in German!)




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