Japan Part 1-Kyoto

Hey lovvies,

I haven’t been posting lately because I’m currently travelling and have nearly no time to actually sit down and write a blog post. Luckily, there’s an office with computers in it in the hostel I’m staying at!

Let me tell you about my experience in Japan till now! So most of you see Japan as a place where people drink jasmine tea and wear fine robes and a bun tied up with sticks. But when you really visit Japan you feel like you’re in NYC! Shops everywhere, multicultural restaurants, interesting people, incredible temples and much more. Fashion in Japan is huge, which i’m aware of since only a few months. The vintage stores around the corner are just full of every single must-have!

Speaking of which, like you’ve probably seen on my Snapchat or Instagram, I collaborated with NA-KD which is an online fashion brand that went pretty viral on social media and has amazing, affordable and quality rich clothes.  Like you see on the picture, they sent me a few pieces. I totally recommend it!

I hope you’re enjoying the month of October!

Add me on Snapchat and travel with me around Tokyo:)


Liv Hayden

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