Surprise Trip To Barcelona!

Hey lovvies,

You won’t believe it! It was my birthday and I just finished  a hard-working  day at Brandy. My mom told me earlier that morning to pack a bag with clothes so I did that in the morning. I had no idea where my mom was taking me. We met in the city and we got on a train and got off at the airport! Still there, I had no idea where we were going to. So finally we arrived to the gate and I read on the screen BARCELONA. I started jumping and hugged my mom. I was so so excited, the people around us might have thought I was crazy. So anyways we arrived at 11pm and we went to sleep. The next morning we woke up early enough to seize the day. The nearest cafe was right across the street and since out hotel was placed in the Gothic Town of Barcelona, we were right in the middle of the city. Anyways we had our fresh orange juice to start the day with some vitamin and took off. We visited the old town in the  morning, did our nails and after that, we rented some bicycles and went to the beach. It was such nice weather! After enjoying the sun we sat down and drank a fresh juice and ate an amazing sandwich. We rushed back to the hotel and had to get dressed quickly since we had an event at a museum. We put our heels on and took off on our bicycles. That was a challenge! So you can imagine what happened. I had my gorgeous thin pants on and they got stuck in the bicycle and got very dirty:( So I somehow clipped them up and I was good to go. After that event we went for dinner with some family that we have there and after a long day we fell asleep immediately. The next day we went again to that same cafe and went shopping. It was fun and exhausting! Then we had some tapas and went to the airport. This girls weekend was so amazing and fun and its something that I will never forget.

Thanks mama!

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