Hair care

Hey lovvies

This blog post will be about my daily hair routine, tipps for healthy hair and what products I use for my hair. 

Tipp number one you’ve probabbly heard from your hairdresser, is to avoid heat. Heat is probabbly the most damaging and unhealthy thing you could do for your hair. What it practically does, is turn your hair in to a burnt straw-looking hairlook. Your hair gets completely burnt by a minimum wave of heat.I personally have always used a hair straightener, but after a while I realized how much it damaged my hair so I put the straightening aside and started to try to straighten my hair by using the blow-dryer. Some of you probabbly blow dry your hair everytime you wash it, which is preeetty damaging,  so try only blowdrying your hair maybe twice or three times a week to avoid serious damage. Speaking of washing your hair! Your hair is made out of natural oils and proteins so try to keep it that way! Using the most expensive conditioner wont help much more than a cheap olive oil hair mask! Try using less chemical products and start using more natural ingredients. What I like to do once a month, is to apply an intense coconut oil hair mask to my scalp and massage it, which will make your hair smooth and also give it the strength it needs.

Remember, what you eat will define your looks! Make sure you eat enough proteins because your hair is actually maid out of proteins, so what else do you want to give it! Drink tonnes of water, to keep not only your hair hydrated, but also your whole body. 
If you want me to give you guys a tutorial on how I do my monthly oil mask, then feel free to comment:)


Hair repair treatment for damaged hair

PS: Thank you guys so much for supporting my blog! 15k views! That’s what I call a good start:) 

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